Mens Footy


Training : Tuesday & Thursday @ 6pm at Tigerland

Coach: Mark Bayliss 0417911427


Training : Tuesday & Thursday @ 6pm at Tigerland

Coach: Jack Hastie 0448933129


Training : Tuesday & Thursday @ 4:30pm at Tigerland

Coaches:  Mitch Green 0405472208


Training : Tuesday & Thursday @ 4:30pm at Tigerland

Coaches:  Dan Cale 0428 948 769

Player Information

  • All players must be registered and paid prior to the first game in April.  Any player not registered and membership not paid will not be able to take to the field.

  • Membership and Registration - NO PAY = NO PLAY

  • Opportunity - all players will have an opportunity to develop skills, learn, improve and develop confidence in their game, using the resources and knowledge of coaches and players around the club.

  • Team - everyone working together will create an environment for success, there will be no tolerance for individual behaviour. Everyone has a role and it is expected everyone will do their bit for the team.

  • Rostered Duties - a roster will be provided. If a player or their family fail to fulfill rostered duties of canteen and water the player will either not play the following game or start on the bench. It is your responsibility to find someone else to fill your duty and let the roster manager know.

  • No one is bigger than the club.

  • Respect - always show respect for yourself, your team mates, the opposition, your club, umpires, coaches, volunteers and equipment. We are all here to help YOU.

  • When coaches/officials talk, you show eye contact and listen.

  • We have a zero tolerance approach to discrimination and abuse of all forms. All allegations and safety concerns will be treated very seriously and consistently.

  • There is a ZERO tolerance of abuse and swearing towards any umpires, opposition, coaches, officials and volunteers.

  • Railways Football Club is committed to child safety.We want children to be safe, happy and empowered. We support and respect all children as well as our coaches, officials and volunteers.​

  • The equipment is for YOU, it is paid from fees – look after it and make sure it stays at the club for us to use​​


  • Training Gear Required - footy bag, footy boots, mouth-guard, footy jumper/training shirt/singlet to train in, towel. No school uniforms.

  • You need to be at training a good 15 minutes prior to starting time changed into you training gear, warmed up and ready to go.

  • Please make sure you pick up your discarded tape and put any rubbish in change room bins as other players are using the change rooms after you.

  • NO TRAIN = NO PLAY failure to communicate with your coach or team manager as to your whereabouts will only let yourself and your teammates down.

  • Don’t be a watcher – be involved at all times.

  • Report all injuries to Coaches and Trainers at the first available opportunity. This must be done irrespective of where the injury occurs, at school, club or at home

Game Day

  • Our games are played on Saturday and Sunday as per the fixture list. Some catch up games maybe played mid week under lights.

  • Generally the times are as follows:

    • Sixteens - Arrive 8:30am / Start 9:10 am    18 Mins ¼'s (straight)

    • Colts - Arrive 9:30am / Start 10:45 am    18 Min ¼'s (straight)

    • Reserves - Arrive 11am / Start 12:30 pm    18 Min ¼'s (straight)

    • League - Arrive 12pm / Start 2:10pm    20 Min ¼'s (time-on with 30 Min Cap)

  • Arrive on time, arriving late will mean starting on the bench.


  • Game day gear

    • Football boots

    • Skins (only if you wear them must be skin tone or white),

    • Mouthguard

    • White Railways playing shorts & towel.

  • Uniform - players arrive to games and club events in black pants / black jeans, black shoes/runners and club polos.

  • It is club policy and GSFL rules that ONLY coaches, runner, team manager and any person appointed by the coach and listed on the team sheet are allowed to be in and around the coaches’ box.


  • Work as a team – a champion team will always beat a team of champions. No individuals​​

Club Song

Sung to the tune of the Richmond’s Club song



Oh we’re from Tigerland

A fighting fury we’re from Tigerland

In any weather you will see us with a grin

Risking head and skin

If we’re behind

we’ll never mind

we’ll fight and fight and win

oh where from Tigerland

we never weaken til the final siren goes

like the tigers of old

we’re strong and we’re bold

oh we’re from tiger Yellow and Black

oh we’re from Tigerland