Railways Football Club Albany is pleased to offer new sponsorship opportunities for businesses to partner with us! 

We are looking for partners who have a great ‘synergy’ with our club and who will benefit from strong returns on investment & marketing objectives through a partnership with us.  We are looking to collaborate with businesses who share common target markets and common beliefs with us, and most importantly, share our vision for a successful future.  We have loads of great leveraging ideas for you to get even more from your investment in us.

We are looking to form an exclusive partnership with one business who will benefit from a sponsorship package at the highest level.  We will work with you to activate this partnership into something outstanding.  Congratulations to Smoothstart on becoming our  Principal Sponsor.  We look forward to working with Adam Warren and his team.

Albany Autos The Ryan Family have been long-time players, committee members and supporters of the club and Albany Autos have the honour of sponsoring the Ryan’s Meritorious Player Awards for every week of the season.

Only four opportunities remain in this category with one Home and one Away fixture being allocated to each sponsor.  We are delighted to acknowledge all current sponsors and to announce that all opportunities this year have been sold. 

We need sponsors who see a ‘good fit’ with aspects of our club such as providing free wi-fi, sponsoring the Friday night dinners, sponsoring tape and medical supplies to keep our players on the field, perhaps wine to enjoy after the game…This sponsorship category can take the form of cash or in-kind supply of goods or services.

We really need your financial help to keep our club running well. We are pleased to announce a ‘platform’ for our valued supporters to make donations to the club to help us keep the club in tiptop shape.  These donations can be publicly acknowledged or confidential depending on our donor’s wishes.  We can do so much with your help; look after our players  welfare better, purchase better training equipment and medical supplies, ensure our club culture stays positive and healthy, keep our clubrooms in great condition & provide better facilities generally.

We are very keen to work with businesses on in-kind sponsorships or discounted supply of the things we need to run our club well. In turn you will be acknowledged as our Preferred Supplier in this category. If you have any ideas, please let us know! We are thrilled to recognise Eyerite Signs as our preferred supplier for signage.  Give Blake Watson a call to obtain a ‘Railways only’ discount on any signage requirements.

Advertising space is available on our oval boundary.  Please let us know if you’d like to purchase space.  Discounted boundary advertising space does form part of some of the above packages. Fees for boundary signage for 2020 are due by 30 June in order to retain your signage space.
contact Craig Frost on 0447 014 436 or by email at